Here is the ongoing schedule of classes at SoL Space:

9:30-10:30 am –  Beginner Yoga with Lisa Sarick (January 6th – February 10th, 2020)
5:30-6:30 pm –  Beginner Yoga with Sonya Federici (January 6th – February 10th, 2020)
7:00 pm – Yoga (all levels) with Laura Beth Kerns
7:00 pm – Prenatal Yoga with Gabby Orcutt

5:30 pm – Yoga (all levels) with Lisa Sarick
7:00 pm – iOm Yoga (power flow for all levels) with Gabby Orcutt

9:30 am – Yoga (all levels) with Cindi Delinsky
4:30-5:45 pm – Yoga (all levels) with Robin Craig
5:30-8:30 pm – Wellness Wednesday Workshop with our teachers and guest presenters
7:00 pm – Therapeutic Postures with Margo Pfingstler

5:30 pm – Gentle Yoga and Meditation with Lisa Sarick
7:00 pm – iOM Yoga (power flow for all levels) with Gabby Orcutt

9:30 am – Yoga (all levels) with Lisa Sarick


Yoga classes are 75 minutes unless stated otherwise.

Go to our online class schedule & store to check today’s classes, who is teaching, to sign up or to buy classes or packages, or gift certificates!

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One class is $15

8 classes are $85 (expires 4 months after purchase)

We also offer memberships:

6 months unlimited classes for $40/month

1 year unlimited classes for $34/month  –  includes 10% discounts on workshops, Wellness Wednesdays and space rental at SoL.





We also have FREE classes donated by our community for those interested in yoga or meditation and unable to afford class right now.

Come on in to SoL Space, take a sticky note off the wall and turn it in at the desk.

Want to donate one? They are $10. Come on by or give us a call at 814-258-2444!