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SoL Sunday Celebration

Sunday, November 17th, 2019 at 10:30am

Reverend Lisa, founder of Spirit of Love (SoL) Interfaith Community, leads this monthly interfaith celebration of Spirit. A gathering with prayers, meditation and a message, all with the intention of opening up more to the Love within, so that we may share that with the world.


Come as you are. Leave uplifted.

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Wednesday, November 13th   5:30-8pm
Gratitude is powerful! It can easily transform your attitude, and, in turn, your experience.

Join Alena at this Wellness Wednesday workshop to learn tools that implement a gratitude practice that amplifies your life, without adding more to dos on your list.

We will review poems and quotes of gratitude that will lead to some critical thinking and discussion on the topic of integrating a gratitude practice into your daily life. We will review the meaning of locus of control and how that can impact the way we view the world.

Then we will experience the practice of writing a letter to someone for whom you are grateful. We will take this a step further and engage in a guided meditation to call their soul before you (they can be in this world or on the other side) to offer your gratitude on a soul to soul level.

In guided meditation we will also find what will truly benefit your mind, body and/or spirit right now.

Dress comfortably. Bring a pen and journal, and a yoga mat if you have one.

Tea and snacks are included, as always at our Wellness Wednesdays.

Wellness Wednesdays are $25, or a package of 4 for $80

SoL Members with a 1 year membership get a 10% discount





Saturday, November 16  7-9pm
Join us for a special heart-opening, soul-awakening evening.
Alise Christie is visiting from Bellefonte to share her gifts at SoL Space. Alise is a Spirit Channel, Intuitive Reader and Healer.
First, Lisa will lead Sacred Cacao Ceremony to guide us to a place of openness and receptivity. The Cacao plant opens the heart and relaxes mind.
After drinking our warm Cacao, Alise will connect with a Divine Collective comprised of Angels, Spirit Guides and/or Master Teachers to bring spiritual guidance through for the group.
~Contraindications for drinking ceremonial cacao:
Some prescription anti-depressants: Those that use MAO inhibitors to treat depression are contraindicated with chocolate. Check your meds to see if this is the case. (These tend to be less common nowadays.)
Serious heart conditions: cacao increases heart rate and is a vasodilator, so not recommended if you have a serious heart condition.
~We recommend not eating 2-3 hours before ceremony so that your stomach is empty for ceremony.
~No one under 18, please.
~Come well-hydrated.
Yoga mat if you have one
Space is limited. Preregistration is necessary.








Wednesday   11/20/19   5:30-8pm

Over 40 million people are runners in the US and more than half will have at least one running injury this year. Karen Judeich, a physical therapist with Novacare Rehabilitation, will discuss common running injuries and how they can be prevented. Participants will learn proper warm-up techniques, cool-down core work, and when the best time really is to stretch those tight legs!


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Sunday, December 21st, 7-9pm


On this longest night of the year before the return of the light on the Winter Solstice, we will remember our own Light, in hopes that it too will grow bright and be our guide.
Gentle yoga, prayers, sound healing and meditation are all part of this mindful event.
7-9pm  Please preregister as space will be limited. Click on the picture to register.