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SoL Sunday Celebration

Sunday, January 12th, 2020 at 10:30am

Reverend Lisa, founder of Spirit of Love (SoL) Interfaith Community, leads this monthly interfaith celebration of Spirit. A gathering with prayers, meditation and a message, all with the intention of opening up more to the Love within, so that we may share that with the world.


Come as you are. Leave uplifted.

Donations are accepted.






Rev. Lisa will lead us in intention setting to prepare for the sound journey. Then as you lie in savasana, you will be lead on a guided journey to receive wisdom that Spirit has for you at this time. The sounds of crystal alchemy bowls and other sacred instruments will aid you on your journey, helping you to relax, and to come to a natural state of balance and openness to be receptive.
You will leave refreshed and renewed, and with a bit of guidance for your path.

Bring your journal, yoga mat and anything else that may help you feel comfortable to lie still for 30-40 minutes.







Wednesday   1/15/20   5:30-8pm

Over 40 million people are runners in the US and more than half will have at least one running injury this year. Karen Judeich, a physical therapist with Novacare Rehabilitation, will discuss common running injuries and how they can be prevented. Participants will learn proper warm-up techniques, cool-down core work, and when the best time really is to stretch those tight legs!


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Teaching Chair Yoga

Sunday, January 19th, 9-4

Learn to safely and effectively teach chair yoga.

This is a great workshop to hone your skills using the assistance of a chair. Great for teaching yoga to those with limited mobility and/or in a corporate setting.

Expand your repertoire of teaching yoga with this additional element of knowledge!

Led by: Tiffany Chan, ERYT 500, From Anjali Yoga
Calling all Yoga Teachers needing CE’s for Yoga Alliance, this workshop will be get you 6 hours!


$70 pre-registration online OR

$75 that day, walk in/not pre-registered




Intro to Vipassana Meditation

Wed.     1/22/20   5:30-8pm

Vipassana means to see things as they really are – in their true nature of ongoing change. It is a scientific method of self-observation. The understanding and acceptance of the reality of oneself brings peace and happiness.
Due to our conditioning of the past, we get stuck in a pattern of reactive behavior. We fail to recognize that our suffering is the cumulative effect of these very unconscious reactions. On the surface, we place the blame on external circumstances not realizing that the actual cause lies within.
The practice of Vipassana takes us to the depth of the mind and helps us break free of this habit pattern. That results in marked improvements in physical and mental health, and how we conduct our lives, overall.
In this introductory session, we will watch short videos that give historical background and current status of this 2500 year old tradition. You’ll also learn about the format of Vipassana meditation courses for both adults and children being held around the world at 200+ centers.
There will be short guided meditation sessions between videos and in conclusion. This is a perfect opportunity to gain information and inspiration to learn mindfulness with an experienced guide, the way it’s been taught for over twenty five centuries.
This Wellness Wednesday is offered for free. Donations are accepted. There will be tea and snacks included.

About the guide
Vaibhav Bawa has been practicing Vipassana meditation for 13+ years both at home and intensive retreat settings. His own experience with this art of living has inspired him to share information about it with others.
Questions? Contact Vaibhav directly at 844.955.HEAL or

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